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2019: Ted Talk - Tiny robots with giant potential

Ted Talk recently featured research being done by the lab in a talk given by Paul McEuen and Marc Miskin. Check out the video below:

"Take a trip down the microworld as roboticists Paul McEuen and Marc Miskin explain how they design and mass-produce microrobots the size of a single cell, powered by atomically thin legs -- and show how these machines could one day be "piloted" to battle crop diseases or study your brain at the level of individual neurons."

2019 Featured Article: Nanobots That Can Do Just about Anything

Continuing the tagline "anything, as long as it's small', a recent Cornell Research article by Jackie Swift showcases the proof-of-principle nanomachines produced by Paul McEuen and collaborators. Building on previous work with electronically actuated two dimensional bimorphs and electronic devices, this new class of machine opens up a new possibilities that bring to reality Richard Feynman's insight that 'There is plenty of room at the bottom'.

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