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McEuen Group Photo from 2017

Primary Researcher

Paul L. McEuen

(607) 255-5193 (office)

Research area: Anything, as long as its small

Cornell Professor Page


Long Ju

Research area: Optoelectronics of 2D materials

Menyoung Lee

Research area: 2D material surfaces and interfaces

Qingkun Liu

Research area: Microrobotics and mechanical metamaterials based on soft matter

Marc Miskin

Research area: Graphene origami

Lei Wang

Research area: Nanoelectronics in 2D materials

Graduate Students

Alejandro Cortese

Research area: Carbon nanotubes, Wireless optoelectronics, and micromachines

Kyle Dorsey

Research area: Graphene origami

Yanxin Ji

Research area: Sensing capabilities of 2D materials

Samantha Norris

Research area: Releasable micro-scale devices for neural sensing and stimulation

Tanner Pearson

Research area: Magnetic actuation of 2D materials

Michael Reynolds

Research area: Optical and electronic 2D material sensors

Conrad Smart

Research area: 2D Wireless Optoelectronics

Undergraduate Students

Helen Xu

Research area: Graphene transfer and applications

Administrative Assistant

Caroline Brockner

Assistant to Directors of LASSP and the Kavli Institute