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About This Site

This site uses Drupal 7. What appears on the screen is a template in Drupal that loads content from a database.

The site was desinged in 2013 by Jim Entwood - feel free to send questions to

There are 3 main types of content that are part of different pages.

1 - Basic Page

These are basically one big block of text and images that can be edited by clicking the tab at the top. Basic Pages are: research, etc, and this about page

2 - "View" page

These displays a series of content data in a defined format. View pages are: people, publications, news, and the home page. To edit a view hover over that section and click on the gear that appears on the top right. Note that editing views is a little complex with the formatting and data links.

3 - Blocks

These are sections like the footer links and home page links that are Blocks. To edit these hover over the section and click on the gear that appears on the top right.

Add New Content

Gallery Image -Collection of images to display in a gallery and cycle through home page slider

News - Use news for time-sensitive content like news, press releases or blog posts.

People - Add a person to the people pages

Publications - Add a new publication

Files - Within each content type above you can upload media files like PDF and images. You can also upload and manage media files from here /admin/content/media

View/Edit list of content by type

Start with the full list of content.

Then at the form at the top use the "type" field to filter down to the content type you are looking for.


The theme is called mceuenCustom and is based on Open Framework